Am I Disturbing My Own Sleep?!

I have a running joke with a co-worker in which he tries to guess how many hours of sleep I have gotten the night before. Lately, that number has ranged from 2 hours to 6 hours. For the past few weeks, I have to admit, I’ve been stumbling about barely functioning. Could it be that […]

Current 21 Month Old Schedule

My two year old has been a bit of a puzzle for me lately. The two year sleep regression hit us early and hard. She was stillĀ sleeping in a beautiful rhythm, but that rhythm led us to 3 hour naps! At first I reveled in that long “break” during the day and considered her later […]

Current 5 Month Old Schedule

My little guy turned five months old four days ago! He entered the Four Month Sleep Regression about two weeks ago. The major changes for him were: Being extremely hard to transfer to the crib. While he used to self settle upon waking when I put him down, he know cries. I have spent up […]